Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Bainbridge Island, Washington

Bainbridge Island is located in Western Washington. It’s opposite Seattle in Puget Sounds. You can reach it by ferry in a 35-minute scenic ride. It is located just 27 miles from Seattle’s metro area, and offers a serene escape from the city traffic.

#1 Stroll around Main Street

Bainbridge Island’s charming Main Street, which is just off the ferry, is the first left turn on Winslow Way. The 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island is worth it for the great shopping and dining options.

#2 Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is located only a few blocks from Bainbridge Island’s ferry terminal. The growing collection of permanent Puget Sound art is housed in this LEED Gold-certified structure. This repository is available to the public at no cost.

#3 Fay Bainbridge Park & Campground

Fay Bainbridge, an impressive 17-acre marine parks in the northeast corner is located on the island. It offers a variety of amenities to accommodate different types of visitors. You will be amazed by the stunning views from this park, which includes over 1,400 feet on the saltwater shoreline overlooking Puget Sound.

#4 Battle Point Park

Battle Point Park can be found on the island’s west coast. This park is very popular. It covers an area of approximately 90 acres that used to be part of a naval radio station. Today, the park boasts a 1.6 mile pathway that connects to its many tourist attractions.

#5 Suquamish Museum

The Suquamish Museum is located on the Port Madison Indian Reservation. Just across the Agate Pass Bridge, from Bainbridge Island, you will find the Suquamish Museum.

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