Top 5 Places You Must Visit In Freeland, Washington

Freeland was founded as a otopian community, but it did not grow rapidly until the 1990s.

Double Bluff Beach

 It is located on three acres at Double Bluff Beach and is accessible by a private drive and stone stairs.

Freeland Park

Freeland Park is a perfect place to travel. The neighborhood's mainstays include access to the beach, boat launch, playground, and picnic facilities.

Dancing Fish Vineyards

 The tasting room at Dancing Fish Vineyards is the perfect place to sample local wines. It features a barrel room for more intimate events.

Double Bluff County Park

Double Bluff County Park is a perfect place and you will love the views of Mt. Rainier, the Olympic Peninsula, and the Seattle skyline.

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Thick Brush Stroke

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