Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Granite Falls, Washington

If you are considering moving to the beautiful city of Granite Falls, Washington, then read this article. It is packed full of valuable information. Here you will find a list of things to do in Granite Falls. You will also learn about the history of the area and what to look for when choosing a new home.

#1 Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

If you are interested in wartime aviation, a visit to the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum is a must. The museum is comprised of three display hangars, a restoration hangar, a Quonset hut, and a reproduction control tower.

#2 Granite Falls Suspension Bridge

The Granite Falls Suspension Bridge is a three-span pedestrian bridge across the Minnesota River. It was built by the Minneapolis Bridge Company, a significant bridge builder in Minnesota. In 2014, the bridge underwent rehabilitation work, which included raising the piers and adjusting the east suspension tower.

#3 Upper Sioux Agency State Park

Located south of Granite Falls, Upper Sioux Agency State Park is an important historic site. It preserved the site of the Upper Sioux Agency, a Dakota village destroyed in the Dakota War in 1862.

#4 Yellow Medicine County Museum

If you’ve ever wondered what’s so great about the Yellow Medicine County Museum, you’re not alone. This local museum is a unique experience that will leave you inspired and energized to learn more about the area’s history.

#5 Sorlien Park

Granite Falls can be seen from Sorlien Park. It has several vantage points where you can view the falls close up. However, it is susceptible to flooding during the spring and summer.

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