Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit in Montrose, colorado

While visiting Montrose, Colorado, don’t forget to check out its outdoor activities. Outdoor activities in Montrose include the Montrose Water Sport Park, Flat Top Peach Valley Recreation Area

#1 Montrose Botanic Garden

Although Montrose doesn’t have the best climate or soil, it is home to a beautiful botanic park, located on Pavilion Drive.Montrose Botanic Gardens features a wide range of flowers

#2 Montrose County Historical Museum

The Montrose County Historical Museum can be found on North Rio Grande Avenue. It was founded in 1973.It is a valuable community resource that is both educational and entertaining

#3 Montrose Water Sports Park

Montrose Water Sports Park is located in Riverbottom Park, just minutes from downtown. It offers a variety of activities for all ages.

#4 Covered Bridge Ranch

The family-owned Covered Bridge Ranch, located at the San Juan Mountains, near Montrose is a 300-acre wildlife refuge and tree farm that hosts many family-friendly events every year.

#5 Cimarron Song Gallery

A Montrose visit is incomplete without a stop at the Cimarron Song Gallery. Here, you can admire the outstanding art work of Gregory Packard, an American Impressionist

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