Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver lies adjacent to the Columbia River in South Washington and is connected with Portland, Oregon via two scenic Interstate bridges. Vancouver boasts some of the most extensive roots in modern Pacific Northwest history.

#1 Esther Short Park

Esther Short Park is central to the city’s charm. This park and playground is Washington’s oldest public square. Esther Short Park, a popular place for community events, concerts and other activities, is also a great spot to simply enjoy the sunshine outside.

#2 Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Fort Vancouver is managed by National Park Service. This sprawling historical site has deep ties the region and to the community. Fort Vancouver now covers 350 acres. This includes the Columbia River waterfront.

#3 Waterfront Renaissance Trail

This paved pedestrian pathway links Esther Short Park with Wintler Community Park via Columbia River. It runs five miles around the city’s edge. The Renaissance Trail connects many Vancouver community spaces and offers an amazing view.

#4 Pearson Field and Pearson Air Museum

Pearson Field, which is situated within Fort Vancouver National Historic Site’s confines, and the adjacent air museum reflect the aviation history in Vancouver. Pearson Field was where the first flight over the entire globe took off and landed.

#5 Silver Star Mountain

Silver Star Mountain in the east is one of Vancouver’s most prominent peaks. The peak is also popular for day trips from the city. Silver Star Mountain lies about an hour away from Vancouver.

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