Top Rated 7 best Budget restorants in Rockford, Illinois

If you are planning a visit to Rockford, Illinois, you may want to take a look at its museums. There are several museums to explore, including the Burpee Museum of Natural History,

#1 Abreo Restaurant

Abreo Restaurant is one of the top downtown restaurants that cracked the Rockford top 4. It prides itself on offering local ingredients and a seasonal chef-inspired menu.

#2 Social Urban Bar and Restaurant

Social Urban Bar and Restaurant is the second featured downtown restaurant on the list, coming in at number 2.The restaurant is currently closed

#3 Sahara Palace Mediterranean Restaurant

Sahara Palace Mediterranean Restaurant is the top-rated restaurant in Rockford, at 5890 E. State St. This restaurant has received 178 reviews which is more than any other on the list.

#4 John’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

This pizzeria offers Italian food and is well worth a visit. You can order perfectly cooked stuffed and tortellini, grilled octopus, and tortellini. 

#5 Storming Crab

According to the opinions of guests, waiters here serve deliciously cooked soups, chicken, and crab cakes. This restaurant serves great tea.

#6 Thunder Bay Grille Rockford

This steakhouse’s success is due to its delicious atlantic salmon, coconut shrimps, and sirloin steaks. You can also order delicious cheesecakes, ice cream, and biscuits .

#7 Lino’s

This pizzeria offers a wide selection of Italian food. You can now enjoy deliciously cooked sausage pizzas, pizza salads, and baked lasagna.

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