Top Rated 7 best Budget restorants in Schaumburg, Illinois

A grove on the northwest corner of the township was named Sarah’s Grove in the 1842 township survey. It was populated by three families, all with women named Sarah.

#1 brazil express Churrasco Grill

Brazil Express Churrasco Grill was opened in Schaumburg in 2012. It aims to offer diners a Brazilian steakhouse experience. Visitors to Brazil Express Currasco Grill are able to order from a variety of dishes,

#2 Pilot Pete’s Bar and Restaurant

Pilot Pete’s Bar and Restaurant is a must-see for aviation and travel lovers. It’s located at Schaumburg’s regional airport and overlooks the active runway.

#3 Stonewood ale house

Stonewood Ale House has more than 70 dishes on its extensive menu. You can find everything here, from hearty steaks or burgers  to crispy fish tacos or freshly prepared salads.

#4 Wildberry pancakes and Cafe

Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe are the best place for egg lovers in Schaumburg. The cafe offers a wide variety of breakfast options, including sweet, savory, and creative. 

#5 maggiano’s little italy

Maggiano’s Little Italy, a semi-upscale chain that serves classic Italian cuisine in a family-friendly setting is Maggiano’s.Maggiano’s Schaumburg invites you

#6 Weber Grill Restaurant

Weber Grill Restaurant in America is a rustic, boisterous hideaway that serves kettle-cooked steaks, hamburgers, and ribs.Weber Grill Restaurant is owned by the same company

#7 egg harbor cafe

Egg Harbor Cafe is a casual, family-friendly restaurant that serves American comfort food in a relaxed setting.Egg Harbor Cafe is a restaurant that specializes in delicious breakfast and lunch.