Top Rated 7 best Budget restorants in Waukegan, Illinois

Waukegan, Illinois is an urban county seat and the largest city in Lake County. It is an industrial suburb of Chicago. It is roughly twenty to forty miles north of downtown Chicago.

#1 Terrace at siver Place Restaurant

Terrace at SiVer Place, the city’s first outdoor restaurant is now preparing for its second season in the Illinois sun. The restaurant serves modern American cuisine

#2 louie’s Restaurant

Louie’s is a Waukegan institution and mainstay of Waukegan’s dining scene. They have been serving Waukegan residents with authentic Italian cuisine

#3 CYOC resturant

CYOC is short for ‘Create Your Own Cheesecake’. It’s easy to see what their specialties are. CYOC is different from other cheesecake restaurants because of the way they present their cakes. 

#4 anastasia restaurant

Anastasia’s Sports Bar serves a variety of classics and offers a wide selection of craft and local beers. It is also close to the Courtyard Marriott making it a great place

#5 emily’s Pancake House

Emily’s is open until 3pm daily for breakfast and lunch. Their specialty is pancakes. They are known for their apple pancakes. Call ahead to avoid having to wait the 30 minutes it takes to make. 

#6 papa marcos restaurant

Are you looking for Mediterrean cuisine? Marlene and Mike, a husband and wife team, own this Waukegan restaurant. They’ve been serving delicious Middle Eastern delights since 2012

#7 Big Ed’s Barbecue

Big Ed doesn’t hide one thing: He offers the best barbecue in Lake County. He has won numerous awards and been featured on ABC 7 and WGN.