Top rated 7 best places to visit in southampton, new york

If you`re looking for an historic town in new york, southampton is the place to be.this quaint town was founded in 1640

#1 Southampton history museum 

If you are planning to visit southampton, new york, you may want to spend a day.

#2 Parrish art museum 

The parrish art museum in southampton, new york, was founded in 1898 to house a growing collection.

#3 duck walk winery

If you`re planning at trip to southampton, new york, consider stopping by duck walk winery. 

#4 the plaza cafe

If you`re in the  mood for some excellent seafood in the hamptons, make a reservation at the plaza cafe.

#5 Coopre beach 

If you`re looking for the best new york city  beaches, coopers beach in southampton is a great choice.

#6 Pelletreau silver shop

The pelletreau silver shop is a local history museum located in southampton, new york.

#7 Shinnecock east country park 

If you`re  looking for an area with beautiful beaches, you should visit shinnecock east county park.