Herschel Walker paid for an abortion. His Christian supporters won’t be happy.

The Daily Beast reported that Walker encouraged the woman to end her pregnancy


DUNWOODY. Ga. -- Herschel Wade, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Georgia who is vehemently against abortion rights, 

deposit records  

The Daily Beast spoke with an individual who claims Walker paid for her abortion as a couple. The news outlet reviewed Walker's receipt for $575 and Walker's bank deposit records 


The Daily Beast published last night evidence that Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walk, a "proud Christian" and a "proud prolife Christian" 

wedlock child  

had written a check in the literal sense to a woman he was trying to get an abortion. The fact that he had an out of wedlock child 

another woman 

which he did with another woman, was months later than the woman who received the abortion. Walker now has four kids with four different moms, 


addition to the child conservative Christians would consider a fifth victim of his murder. Those are just the children that we know. 

Hannity program 

Walker made an appearance on Fox News' Sean Hannity program Monday night. Walker was asked about his childhood memories of writing $700 checks to his girlfriend.