Ned Fulmer's exit from the group has shocked the Try Guys deeply.

Try Guys to tearfully admit they knew about Ned Fulmer’s affair weeks earlier

Three-fourths (Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfield) of The Try Guys spoke on camera Monday for the first time since

 Fulmer left the YouTube channel after an internal review of his "consensual workplace relationship".

"As a result a thorough internal evaluation, we do not see any path forward together," reads a Sept. 27 statement on the official @tryguys Instagram account.

Yang, Habersberger and Kornfield wanted "to give (fans] a timeline on the events and some transparency in our decision making."


Kornfield explained that, while the YouTube video was posted Monday, there will be some things that we want

"to say or go further", but that there are also "some legal problems we need to consider as our process continues."

Habersberger stated that several fans alerted them over Labor Day weekend that Fulmer was being spotted with an "engaging in public romance behavior" employee