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Tennessee Football: 3 bold forecasts for the 2022 opening game vs. Ball State

It's football season in Tennessee. A primetime matchup against Ball State 

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Tennessee's official radio broadcast is available on the Vol Radio Network. 138. XM Ch. 138, Internet Ch. 961).


Tennessee 59. Ball State 10. In just nine days, it's time to travel to Pitt. The Panthers are locked in a fight.

Tennessee 59

For the Vols' final quarter, mainly reserves offensive players were in. Jimmy Holiday is the recipient of a 53-yard catch & run touchdown pass over the middle.


You can expect the Cardinals' to start the run from behind Carson Steele who rushed nearly 900 yards last season with six TDs.


In the past 24 months, both teams have experienced a lot. Tennessee football saw the firing of one coach and the hiring of another. The explosive offense followed.


The Vols' defense wasn't bad, although it was criticized last year. They were ranked 105th in the nation for their defense, which allowed 441 yards per game to FBS foes. 


Ball State is coming off a 6-7 record while finishing 4-4 within the MAC. They will try to improve upon last year's performance but will be facing

Ball State