Watch Kendrick performing "Rich Spirit," and "N95," on SNL

Kendrick Lmar performed twice on the stage as the highly anticipated musical guests for Season 48.

The 35-year old rapper performed on the stage with Miles Teller (Top Gun: Maverick) as the official musical guests for Season 48 Saturday Night Live's opener 

Live's opener 

Kendrick, 35, wore a blue LA Dodgers jersey to show his hometown pride as he performed "Father Time", a sketch with Sampha

Father Time

beKendrick's first performance of the night was "Rich Spirit" and then "N95." Kendrick's dancing shadow appeared behind the LA native, moving to the Dahi-producedat.


The "Humble", rapper was able to perform his extraordinary performance without the need for any additional lights or fans.


He appeared on the show three times before: in February 2014, November 2014 and January 2013. In 2018, he performed "Tints," with Anderson Paak. 

Anderson Paak.  


. This may not be an accident, as Kendrick might spend time on the sets of comedic programs. In 2017, he stated to the magazine,

comedic programs 


Kendrick rapped the emotional performance, "I got daddy troubles, that's up me/Lookin’ to, ‘I love,’ rarely empathizin’ in my relief/An infant that grew accustomed jumping