What Blake Griffin signing signifies for Celtics roster possibilities

Training camp is coming to an end and preseason begins.

Usually, the only NBA transactions that hit the wire at this point are players signing for a day or so to be able allocate their rights to the


G League affiliate of the team or to cut any excess offseason. This is the normal time when there are no rotation-affecting signs. Normally.

G League

Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN, reports that the Boston Celtics have signed Blake Griffin, a former All-Star, to a oneyear contract.


Griffin will likely be a Celtic for the start of this season. The deal is completely guaranteed and therefore not part of any training camp shuffle.


Griffin's signing was made possible by Danilo, a new acquisition. He also recently learned that Robert Williams 


will be missing a longer time due to the lingering injuries from last year's NBA Finals injury. Williams is a key  


player for the Celtics, and it is often questioned if he can play. His jump-heavy playing style makes it difficult to know if he can.