5 Delicious Food Of New York

The city of New York has a wealth of famous foods to choose from. In fact, it has more than just pizza and pastrami.

Chicken riggies is an Italian-American dish originated in Utica, NY. It is a combination of rigatoni pasta, spicy tomato sauce

The dish is not difficult to make. Traditionally, it is made with rigatoni, but you can also use any shape of pasta you want.

Pastrami is an iconic food of New York. It is a smoked meat made from  brisket that has been cured for days in a mixture of spices.

Before it was smoked, pastrami was originally pickled. The process involved placing the meat in saddle bags.

The classic bagel and lox sandwich is usually served with a side of cream cheese. However, it is not always the case.

While bagels have been around for hundreds of years, they didn’t become popular in America until the mid-19th century.

Pizza is a food that is synonymous with New York City. Although pizza originated in other parts of the country

Soul foods are prepared with a wide variety of spices. The main ingredients include pork, chicken, collard greens, and okra.